Residential Roofing in West Texas

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Founded in 1985, Forster Construction is a local, family-owned company. Glenn Forster originally began the company, and now, over 26 years later, Forster Construction still provides clients with superior roofing solutions. This experience, backed by a knowledgeable staff, guarantees that your work will be finished with the highest quality.

Forster Construction is licensed in Texas and New Mexico. Forster is unique for having two licensed insurance adjusters on staff, able to provide investigations and analyses of clients' roofs. Forster has a record of successfully solving problem roofs with damage due to wind, hail, and other weather-related issues.

When Forster goes out to inspect your home's roof, we do not simply walk around on it, looking for hail damage. Our inspectors are trained to view the whole situation as well. We examine your venting, plumbing pipes, fascia, and siding, and ensure that your soffits are in good order. We advise on problems stemming from bad decking, poor flashing, and worn out chimney caps and mortar. We will even water test your roof if you have a leak to guarantee that we find the problem area and repair it as necessary.

Best Option for residential roof

Decra-Stone Coated Metal - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

Decra-metal roofs are both beautiful and functional. Designed to appear as wooden shingles, Spanish tile, or a variety of other designs, Decra-Metal roofs provide the greatest functionality combined with the best aesthetics. Performs exceptional in all weather conditions and is Class IV impact resistant.

  • Comes in bundled sections, assembled and installed on-site
  • Long term reliability
  • Increase home value
  • Won't crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot
  • Warranties are standard with Decra-Metal roofs, usually 50 years
  • Detailed installation, more precision and planning
  • Lightweight and usually installed over existing roof
  • Ease of expansion if modifying your home, batching on stone covering can make color differences
  • Class IV Impact Resistant, cosmetic damage is not generally covered

Decra-metals are the durable and attractive way to cover your house; they are designed with the world's most elegant roof styles in mind. Made of durable metal and coated in stone, Decra-metal roofs are long-lasting, impact resistant (which gets you an insurance discount), and carry fantastic warranties.

Our installation teams install Decra-metal efficiently and effectively. There is a huge variety of Decra-metal roofs to choose from, making perfect solutions for every house.

Second Best Option for residential roof

Architectural Metal - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of thicknesses, styles, and architectural efficiencies. Bold, monochromatic colors accentuate details of your home expressing both taste and durability, while creating a lasting impression. Metal holds up well under various weather conditions, and is generally Class IV impact resistant.

  • Comes in long panels customized and installed on-site
  • Long term reliability
  • 30 yr warranties apply to the paint finish color
  • Detailed installation, more precision and planning
  • Difficult expansion if modifying your building, batching on paint can make noticeable color differences
  • Class IV Impact Resistant, usually cosmetic damage (hail denting) is not insured

Damage on a metal roof can sometimes be tricky as well. Denting from hail or flying debris can sometimes affect the visual cosmetics of the roof, but insurance will not generally pay for replacement of the roof unless some of those dents occur on seams, which are the weak points of a metal roof. Additionally, stepping on the seams of a metal roof can cause irreparable damage, so qualified service people must be used to address any heating and air conditioning repairs on the roof.

As a Class IV Impact Resistant option, metal roofing is a solid way to protect your sloped roof.

Third Best Option for residential roof

Shingle - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

Shingles are a solid way to protect your sloped roof, and can vary greatly in style, color, and durability. Certain types can be Class IV Impact Resistant, provide good protection, and can be generally more attractive on a sloped roof than commercial metals.

  • Comes in bundles, assembled and installed on site
  • Moderate reliability, periodic inspections necessary, especially after violent storms
  • Warranties are standard, from 25 to 50 years, depending on the quality of the shingle
  • 1-2 day installation period, noisy, but not overly disruptive
  • Most roofing companies are decent at shingle installation. We are superb
  • Relatively easy expansion with only moderate additional waste, batching on material can make slight color differences between old and new shingles

Shingle variety is extreme: from cottage-like beauty to 3-tab efficiency; low cost 25-year to more expensive presidential Class IV Impact Resistance. We use only the best brands of shingles according to the style needed by the customer.

Class IV Impact Resistant Shingles

  • Carry lifetime warranty
  • Insurance discounts on home coverage
  • Limited colors available
  • Some styles include luxury shingle types
  • Varying amounts of wind warranty, up to 150 mph

Luxury Shingles - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

  • Styles include Cottage, Presidential, Carriage House, Grand Manor, etc
  • Have unique styling to accent any exterior decorating scheme
  • Provides a distinction from your neighborhood
  • Increased home value
  • Some are Class IV Impact Resistant
  • Varying amounts of wind warranty, up to 150 mph

HD Shingles - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

  • From manufacturer GAF/ELK, this is what used to be called 30-50 year High Definition
  • Most common style
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Increased home value
  • Now carry limited lifetime warranty
  • 130 mph wind warranty

3-Tab Shingles - Click Here For Color Samples and Pictures

  • 50-60 mph wind warranty
  • Cost-efficient way to shingle a house

Damage on shingles is usually easy to discern, and insurance claims are generally effective. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on our labor, in writing, the longest of any of our competitors.